Policy on Advertising and Sponsorship

The goal of Health Bravo is to be your most dependable friend in your quest of health and well-being. We’re dedicated to providing authoritative, accessible, and practical information that inspires and leads you and your family toward the healthiest possible results. Health Bravo produces content and experiences that adhere to rigorous editorial and medical standards to guarantee their accuracy, currency, and clarity. Health Bravo is financed through the sale of advertising space on its assets, which include websites, mobile applications, social media platforms, and partner publications. Rest assured that we are adamant about our journalistic independence. Apart from feedback on broad subject categories, we do not allow advertisers to alter the editorial content of Health Bravo. Health Bravo may sometimes provide co-produced or branded material in collaboration with our sponsors, as well as showcase content generated by our sponsors. This material is always properly labeled and is discussed in more depth in sections 5 and 6.

If you are interested in advertising with Health Bravo, please contact us here. The following are the particular criteria we adhere to when it comes to the kinds of advertising we accept:

1. We carefully examine the advertisements.

We have complete control over the kinds of advertisements that are approved and shown on Health Bravo properties. At any moment and for any reason, we retain the right to refuse, cancel, or delete any advertisement. We will notify the advertiser promptly if an ad is rejected, canceled, or removed, along with a reason. Additionally, we retain the right to decide the placement of advertisements on Health Bravo properties.

2. We make no endorsements of the goods or services mentioned in the advertisements.

While ads for goods may appear on our site, our acceptance of any advertisement does not constitute an endorsement of the promoted product (s) or service (s), or of the business that produces, distributes, or promotes these products or services. Occasionally, the editorial staff of Health Bravo may rate or rank goods or services. These ratings or rankings are established entirely by the editorial team (s), independent of any financial or advertising relationships the editorial team (s) may have with the businesses that supply the product or service.

3. Certain kinds of advertisements will not be accepted.

We will not accept any advertisement that we believe is factually incorrect or in poor taste.Pharmaceutical advertising is permitted only for FDA-approved indications (FDA). Advertised goods must be easily accessible on the market. Health Bravo will not allow any advertisements for dangerous, unlawful, or offensive goods or services at any time. Advertisements must not include false, deceptive, or offensive content, including anything that misrepresents, mocks, or criticizes a person or group based on their age, color, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or handicap. Advertisements must be free of defamatory, libelous, slanderous, or threatening language. Advertisements may not promote alcohol, weapons, ammunition, pyrotechnics, gambling, pornography, tobacco, political campaigns, or the feigning of news or an emergency. Advertisers’ identities must be prominently shown in all advertisements. Any advertising that could be mistaken for editorial material will be prominently labeled as such.

4. We make an unambiguous distinction between advertisements and journalistic material.

We keep a clear distinction between advertising and editorial material in every case. All advertisements on Health Bravo properties are explicitly labeled as such. By clicking an advertisement, the visitor will be sent to the advertiser’s website or a sponsor’s information center housed on a Health Bravo domain. Sponsored resource centers are clearly identified with the sponsoring organization’s name.

5. We make a point of distinguishing sponsored material from non-sponsored content.

Health Bravo is seeking sponsorship from reputable research institutions, manufacturers, and other service providers. Sponsorships help Health Bravo financially, but they also benefit our users by offering up-to-date information on health services, medicines, and treatments. Sponsored editorial material is subject to our editorial guidelines and is evaluated by our editorial staff and Medical Affairs team. When material (sponsored content, co-created content, or branded content) is supplied or influenced by a stated sponsor, we take significant efforts to ensure that sponsored content is not confused with Health Bravo’s own original editorial content. Native advertising is a term that refers to links or advertisements included inside a piece of content that lead to further material. On its social media platforms, Health Bravo may publish promotional messages, ads, or sponsored postings.

6. Affiliate program (e-commerce links within Health Bravo content)

Our health and wellness editors will include links to goods they believe will be beneficial to our readers as part of the article production process. While each product is selected independently, we want you to be aware that Health Bravo may earn compensation if you make a purchase at a retailer’s website within 24 hours of clicking on one of our links.

7. We differentiate clearly between material that is part of a partner program and content that is not.

Health Bravo may sometimes partner with goods, services, or organizations that fit with our purpose. Health Bravo thoroughly analyzes these goods, services, and organizations to ensure they are of high quality and provides only what it believes is useful to and in the best interests of our users. Health Bravo does not evaluate the material medically and is not liable for the goods or services mentioned on these sites. Any partner material of this kind will be tagged with wording indicating that it did not go through our normal editing process and does not adhere to the standards set out in our Ad and Sponsorship Policy. When Health Bravo gets compensation from users who buy or sign up for a product or service, the page may additionally contain the following language: “Health Bravo and our partners may receive a share of revenue if you make a purchase through the link above.” Additionally, partner sites may contain a “what is this?” link that directs visitors to an explanation of the partnership’s nature.


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